hire a studio

Hiring a photography as well as videography studio are the essential Parts of selling businesses of such products. Our highly experienced studio specialists work on your produced products to make them a professional image for worldwide marketing and sales representation. Our easy to use platform enables you to find and rent the right studio as well as hire photographers and professional services related to the shoot. .

It will not only save our clients time but would also cost them very minimum with no self efforts.

Hire A Model

DawnrayCo Pvt Ltd, provide facility to its clients for hiring models for their brand, products shoot and company video shoots. It makes the business not only look professional but also it works much better to bring the new clients and partner.

Working with DawnrayCo Pvt Ltd, our clients have an edge over other manufacturers since we not only produce the products but also showcase them professionally with minimum cost and effort of the Buyer/Client/Customer.