printing types

There are varies printing types to paste on fabrics.Here are some printing types & qualities given.

1 – Screen Printing, refers to conservative type of printing and considered relatively cheaper.It has many qualities which are also used based on type fabric to print on because every fabric type can not be printed with only one type of Screen printing.

Cost of screen printing may varies depending of number of colors being and size of printing area.

2 – Vinyl Printing, is all about heat transfer. You use a machine to cut out letters and designs from colored vinyl and heat-press them onto the t-shirt to transfer the color to it. Vinyl printing depends on a combination of pressure and heat.

3 – Reflective Printing, just like screen printing and latest trend for big brands.

4 – Iron Transfer Stick, is digital made printing method where color complicated images are printed following this method.

5 – High Density Printing, is very popular on both Polyester and cotton t-shirts , normally for fashion clothing.